<------- Notice anything new?! Congratulations Columbus!! You have a new sister city!!!


It is a momentous occasion for GCSCI and for the Greater Columbus region!

On Tuesday, September 16, 2014 Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman and Mayor Gustavo Fruet of Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil signed an agreement declaring each other sister cities.  We are excited about all the potential for collaboration between these two cities Stay tuned Columbus--this is just the beginning!!

A Message from the Mayor of Columbus...

On behalf of the City of Columbus, I would like to welcome you to the Greater Columbus Sister Cities International website.

Columbus values its sister cities relationships, because it is one more tool to expand our borders, our trade opportunities, our experiences and our world. We strive to create mutually beneficial relationships with our sister cities, facilitating economic, cultural and educational exchanges that strengthen our cities and broaden the horizons of our citizens.

Columbus has a very diverse population, and that diversity is reflected in our sister city connections throughout the world. Because of the diversity of our arts, culture, economy and neighborhoods, our city is part of a global community.

Mayor Michael B. Coleman,
Honorary Board Chair